Chairman’s message (Logistics & Transportation)


By Ir. Prof Patrick P C Lee


It is my great honour to be elected as Chairman of the Logistics and Transportation Division for Session 2019/2020. Thanks to all the Past Chairmen who had laid down a good foundation for the division to develop further.


The recent economic issues between United States and China have brought challenges to the Engineers in the region. More supply chain realignment of various industries in the region will be expected and that will bring opportunities for professional logistics and transportation engineers in different aspects.


In this Session, more focuses will be addressed on:


1.     enlarging the number of members by dedicated task force to promote the Logistics and Transportation profession at the Universities as well as the multinational corporations;

2.     arranging more relevant professional technical seminars and visits to explore latest technological development and its applications in Logistics and Transportation; and

3.     addressing the opportunities for professional Logistics and Transportation engineers related to supply chain realignment in “One Belt, One Road” countries


Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all our dedicated Committee Members. I also look forward to your active participation in our upcoming events and technical seminars.