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Hiking at Ho Sheung Heung (河上鄉)

Date, time & venue

2019-03-23;早上10 時(出發)至12 時;港鐵上水站-河上鄉-港鐵上水站







全長約6 公里

需時約2 小時





時間:早上10 時(出發)至12

人數:十五人 (歡迎攜同家人參與)

日期: 23 March 2019 (SAT)





For registration, please complete and return the Standard Reply Form to Ir Charles SO via Email: charles.so@aecom.com.

The deadline for registration is 20 March 2019.

For enquiries, please contact Ir Charles SO at Tel: 6345 3439 or via Email: charles.so@aecom.com.



Social Event - Hiking at Ho Sheung Heung

By Ir Charles So

Ho Sheung Heung, situated at the west of Sheung Shui, is a hidden gem in Hong Kong away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. The neighbourhood boasts itself of lush rice fields and historical buildings, cordially inviting travellers to explore its beauty. Over 15 participants of the HKIE Logistics and Transportation Division joined this 2.5-hour walk on 23 March 2019 morning to enjoy the uniquely countryside views that are hardly seen anywhere else.

The walk commenced from the gathering point, Sheung Shui station, and continued with farms of different sizes and shapes expanding in view. Along the way, the susurration of fresh and crisp breeze whispered a melody of a rich farming life. The heavenly landscape of green foliage soothed our bodies and minds and revitalised our spirit.

Halfway through the trip, we bumped into the Hau Kui-shek Ancestral Hall, a traditional temple that dates back to the Ming dynasty. This hall is of great historical importance and value. It has been a Declared Monument in Hong Kong since 2003. We strolled around this famous 3-hall-2-courtyard architecture and were amazed by its delicate interior design of auspicious patterns.

Food is essential to the body just as the nature to the mind. We then decided to pause at a local food stall to satisfy our sweet tooth and relax our muscles. The stall provided a variety of soybean products such as sweet tofu, soy milk, and fermented bean curd. The freshly made delicacy substantially fuelled us to carry on this walk and return to the Sheung Shui station.

All the participants considered that it was such a family-friendly, enjoyable and leisure trip that also created a great bond among the members!

The participants enjoyed a fun get-together throughout the hiking trip



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