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    13/03/2018 Seminar Smart Mobility Series (3): Smart Devices at Signalized Pedestrian Crossings for the Elderly
    01/03/2018 Seminar Seminar on Discrete Choice Modelling, Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing
    08/02/2018 Seminar Automation for Hong Kong E-commerce Logistics
    31/01/2018 Seminar Smart Mobility Series (2): Smart Airport
    28/11/2017 Seminar Smart Mobility Series (1): Installation of Traffic Detectors on Strategic Routes in
    11/11/2017 Conference CILTHK 2-Day Course 2017 Part II - Commercial Arbitration
    26/10/2017 Seminar Seminar on "How Many Cars are Too Many? An update"
    24/10/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar on Traffic Signal Optimization with Crowdsourcing Vehicle Trajectory Data
    24/10/2017 Seminar Traffic Signal Optimisation with Crowdsourcing Vehicle Trajectory Data
    14/10/2017 Seminar How the local SME logistics practitioners can capitalize on China’s Cross Border E-commerce Opportunities
    18/09/2017 Seminar Introduction to HKIE – Logistics & Transportation (LT) Training & Professional
    15/09/2017 Conference LSCM Logistics Summit 2017 - "Logistics Robotics and Technologies for One belt One Road"
    13/09/2017 Conference “Technology for Smart Logistics: towards 2030+” Conference
    15/08/2017 Seminar Technical Seminar on Analysis of Pedestrian Injury by Spatial Multivariate Model
    10/07/2017 Seminar Green Transportation Logistics in Horizon – 2020 (Jointly Organised by LTD and YMC)
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